Introduction to Fractions

Here's a quick guide to learning fractions. It will make it easier for you to understand how fractions work. And each tip has a free download that will help you master the basics.

Use our free lessons to learn fractions. Follow this guide to make sure you build a solid foundation in fractions.

  • A fraction is simply part of a whole. You can get help with understanding what a fraction is by viewing or downloading introduction to fractions.

  • Now that you understand that a fraction is a part of a whole, it's time to learn how to classify fractions. After you review this lesson on the types of fractions, you will understand the relationship between proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed fractions.

  • Next, you will learn that equivalent fractions have equal value. Understanding equivalent fractions will help you go on to simplify fractions.

  • This lesson will teach you how to simplify fractions.

  • Practice makes perfect. Download our free fractions worksheets to help you master these concepts.
Download Fractions Worksheets
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