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An Animated Presentation on Cell Surface and Intracellular Receptors- 27 Colorful PowerPoint Slides Includes: Ligand-gated ion channels G-Protein Coupled Receptors Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Integrins Toll-like Receptors
Introduction to Receptors - FREE
Animated slides illustrating tyrosine phosphorylation.
Receptor Tyrosine Kinase - FREE
Overview of Toll-like receptors and immune response. Colorful PowerPoint Animated Slide.
Toll-like Receptors - FREE
Defines the phases of mitosis and the cellular events needed to prepare for this process. 29 Slides.
Cell Cycle - FREE
Signaling through GPCR can activate cAMP, PKA and cAMP responsive-element binding (CREB) phosphorylation.
G Protein Coupled Receptor PKA Creb - FREE

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