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Run Your Assessments From The Palm of Your Hot Little Hand

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With your own professionally created and prestigiously branded assessments, you can unlock all the benefits for your students for free!

"Partnering with PicScience is one of the ways that teachers succeed." 
Dr. Ke Jones 
Shelby County Schools 

Created by a scientist - who's also an author and curriculum consultant with more than 10 years experience developing software applications in education.

Designed from "the ground up" with the help of teachers to allow them to run a digital assessment with ease while improving the proficiency of students and being able to focus on other priorities within the classroom instead of having to create diagnostics for different skill levels, interpret data and prepare intervention lessons. 

So simple, it is nearly "push button easy" to conduct assessments, grade them, collect the data, and develop a data-driven approach to reach the students who are struggling the most yet is so robust at helping the teacher do their work. It is based on the same advanced technology created by the tech company software engineers and used by successful corporations. 

Free test drive allows you to use it without spending anything - See how students can use it and you can easily get them on the right track with minimal extra input from the educator. 

How Zenith Lets You Run Your Assessment Virtually 

Your Zenith platform is designed to be easy and simple to use - and is based on technology developed by elite military and software industry engineers who are paid to make advanced technology so simple, even a child can use or understand it. 

Here's How It Works In Just 3 Steps


Take the Assessment 




Get the Results 

Get the Intervention Lesson 
With enhanced support. Perfect for busy teachers who need help bringing struggling students to proficiency. 


At this point, we have students retake the assessments to analyze how proficient they are. 

PicScience Intervention Lessons

Retake The Assessment

The Proof Is In The Using 

Simply click the button below and follow the instructions. You will get onboarded and start the process within 1 minute. 

“The PicScience educational tools help me go the extra mile to make science fun in my classroom” 


Julanda George
Shelby County Schools

"I want my students to be prepared with the knowledge and technology necessary to launch meaningful careers in the future. It’s important to me that students get interested in science, so I try to incorporate as many real-life examples into my classes as possible. With PicScience I am able to do that.”

Angela Kelley,
Coffee County Schools

"Partnering with PicScience is one of the ways that teachers succeed."

Dr. Ke Jones,
Shelby County Schools

"I want to thank PicScience, Hanna and Sydney for working with our kids this summer.  They seemed to enjoy it and that says a lot about the program and the leaders!" 

Jennifer Amlong

Director, Elba Public Library

"My daughter needed a refresher in math.  
Your program helped her get the foundation she needed to move
into more advanced math classes." 


Aretha (Alabama) 

"Your program taught Nick the skills he needed." 


Gary (Michigan)​​​

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