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🌟 Meet the Mastermind Behind the Workshop!

We're honored to introduce Lamar Goosby II, a seasoned software developer with an impressive 25+ years of experience in the global financial technology industry. Lamar holds a Computer Science degree from Troy University and boasts an extensive background overseeing the development and operational stability of multiple application platforms in data centers located in the U.S. and U.K.

Lamar's expertise shines as he works closely with various product and application teams, developing the best technical designs to solve application instabilities, address threat vulnerabilities, and enhance overall application performance. His wealth of knowledge ensures our Coding Camp participants will receive top-notch guidance in navigating the world of coding and technology.

Join us in welcoming Lamar Goosby II to our Coding Camp team! For more information about Lamar and the camp, visit their Facebook page at Grove Community Outreach and our website #CodingCamp #TechInstructor #TechIndustryExpert

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