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Episode 5 - Let's Be Aware

Let's make a commitment to being aware!

Today's episode features Melinda Arnost, author of Empowering Inclusion in a discussion about her book Empowering Inclusion: The Tool Teachers Need to Help All Students Succeed.

The tools outlined in Empowering Inclusion will help you and your students for the rest of their lives, in and outside of the classroom. Check out this excerpt below.

"When I really noticed this lesson working, I was in the back of a classroom observing one of my students. A second-grade student was poking a girl next to him with his pencil. He did this about three times when the girl looked at him and said, “I feel upset when you poke me because it hurts my back, and I can’t focus on the teacher.” I saw the empathy take over the boy’s face. He said sorry and did not poke her again. The girl did not scream, “Stop it!” or tell the teacher he was poking her. She independently handled it herself."

Chapter: Self-Management

PicScience joins this discussion because our self-directed study guides and worksheets are designed to analyze what type of student you have and give them the necessary skills to be successful no matter their skill level.


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