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PicScience's Fractions for Beginners AfterSchool Math Program Takes the Spotlight in Local News!

We're excited to share that the remarkable impact of our Fractions for Beginners Afterschool Math Program at the Elba Public Library has caught the attention of our local newspapers!

This innovative program, tailored to both traditional and homeschool students, has been making waves in our community. From igniting the love for math to boosting confidence, the program has been a true game-changer.

By bringing engaging learning experiences, we've created a dynamic space where young minds thrive and flourish in their understanding of fractions. The local newspaper has highlighted our commitment to providing quality education outside the traditional classroom, empowering students on their math journey.

A big shoutout to all the students, parents, and educators who have made this program a resounding success! Together, we're shaping the future, one fraction at a time.

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