G Protein Coupled Receptors

G-protein coupled receptors, also known as G-protein linked receptors and seven-transmembrane domain receptors are a large family of cell surface receptors that bind molecules outside the cell and initiate the signaling inside the cell that can result in a multitude of effects, including gene expression, membrane trafficking and cell cycle progression. Several G protein coupled receptors are involved in the immune system and are expressed on cells such as leukocytes.

The molecules that bind these receptors include hormones, pheromones and neurotransmitters. A number of G-protein coupled receptors signal cellular events via the transcription factor CREB.

G-protein coupled receptors are involved in many diseases and are also the target of approximately 40% of all medicinal drugs.

Major Classes of G Protein Coupled Receptors

  • Class A Rhodopsin-like
  • Class B Secretin Receptor
  • Class C Metabotrophic glutamate
  • Class D Fungal Mating Pheromone Receptors
  • Class E cyclicAMP receptors
  • Class F Frizzled/Smoothened
G Protein Coupled Receptors are cell surface receptors. Other receptors in this category are ligand gated ion channels, receptor tyrosine kinases, integrins and toll-like receptors.

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Introduction to Receptors


  • G Protein Coupled Receptors
  • Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
  • Toll-like Receptors
  • Ligand-Gated Ion Channels
  • Integrins


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