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Sydney Brackin of PicScience provides math support to a 4th grader. 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) invites PicScience to submit a proposal on this innovative, new assessment technology.

Access our digital library full of worksheets, self-directed practice guides, tutorials, and more! 

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Shop all our products to help your student learn, understand, and retain fractions topics. 

This series is an ideal lesson for the student who needs help with basic fractions. It is also a good review for the student who has already been introduced to fractions but needs a refresher on basic concepts.


Alex Wright donates Fractions For Beginners Series to Elba Elementary School. Wright is pictured here with principal, Kenya Martin.

"If I had materials like PicScience's workbooks when I was learning basic math, I think I would have had an easier time learning more advanced topics." 

Alex Wright,

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