Fractions Series 

What People Say

"I really enjoyed the simplicity and ease at which fractions are illustrated and explained in this book. The illustrations definitely kept the attention of a young learner. I think their confidence will also get a boost as the instructions make it easy for someone their age to understand the concepts. I will definitely recommend this book to more family and friends."

Mary Gregory

"This is a great additional resource to help educators and parents teach fractions! I enjoyed the order of the book, the cute visuals and the colorful tables."

Melinda Arnost

"A simple exercise book about fractions. I like the tests on the back where the author has made an effort to keep kids engaged and interested. I found myself pausing and going over the lessons since it's been years since I learned these in school. Ideal for school-going kids."

The #1 Math Resource for Learning Basic Fractions! 
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Sandy Smith