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Alex Wright

High Heater   Defensive Lineman  Student Athlete

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This is huge Alex Wright, NFL Superstar, a legend in the making. Stay in the know and follow Alex's Journey to the NFL as we drip exclusive content, talk about football, and have FUN. 

Dane Brugler

The Athletic

Wright ranks as the No. 18 overall edge rusher and the No. 97 overall player in the class. The Packers have a need for a developmental edge rusher and also five picks in the top 100.


Derrik Klassen
Bleacher Report
NFL Scout

Alex has good lower-body strength. Absorbs and withstands contact well. His get-off is great. Flies off the ball, especially from a stand-up position.






Mason Thompson
Primetime Sports Contributing Writer 

Pass, Rush, Rotation, Alex is everything.

Kristian Gumminger

Arrowhead Pride 

Contributing Writer 

Alex Wright potential is abundant. Good Burst, good burst, great long-track explosiveness affords him a great deal of opportunity and potential.

Lance Zierlein

Alex is a young player who flashes and still posts good rush production. He is an impressive weapon as both a run defender and pass rusher.



Justin Melo

NFL Draft Analyst

Alex Wright is one of the most intriguing pass rushers in the 2022 NFL Draft

Alex simply does not give up!

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