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The National Science Foundation (NSF) invites PicScience to submit a proposal on their new math platform. 

"I want my students to be prepared with the knowledge and technology necessary to launch meaningful careers in the future. It's important to me that students get interested in science, so I try to incorporate as many real-life examples into my class as possible. With PicScience, I am able to do that." 
Angela Kelley, 
Coffee County Schools

Unlike other programs, PicScience actually uses its program in the community to boost students' progress.  The results speak for themselves.  Our software is state of the art, but we go the extra mile to serve our partners by providing hands-on help
whether it's in the classroom or after school.


Student at The Boys and Girls Club (Ozark,AL) starting the PicScience pre-assessment.


Student at Hawk Houston Youth Enrichment Center working through the problems of the PicScience pre-assessment. 

Each step in the PicScience program is data-driven.  When a student completes the pre-assessment, the program bases the next step on the pre-assessment score. If a student scores below 70%, she enters the intervention phase of the program. If the student scores greater than 70%, she goes on to more advanced practice materials and
continues to build her math skills.


Students at Elba Public Library working through the PicScience supplemental practice worksheets. 

At PicScience we believe you shouldn't pass students through, even if they are behind.

Once students complete the intervention lessons and practice materials,
they take a post-assessment to evaluate how well they've mastered the

At this point, the PicScience program provides more practice if needed.


Students at Hawk Houston Youth Enrichment Center receive certificates of completion during the 20222 PicScience Summer Program. 


Hanna Jones of PicScience presents the certificate of completion to a student at Hawk Houston Youth Enrichment Center. 


The average pre-test score for the students during the 2022 PicScience Summer program was 6.25 and the average post-test score was 9.13. That's almost a 3-point difference! 

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